Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An Ombre Day

It all started it out nice and sunny a little mud here and there, but that soon changed. Clouds rolled in from nowhere as the storms took over the sun like an ombre affect. Flowers who were smiling in the breeze, were now dropping from the hit and run rain drops. A little white house was full of nice clean floors, until the owner came in with muddy rain boots from the storm. Yes some days start out nice and sunny, but then they have this ombre affect on us. They slowly but surely get darker and darker. The same thing around, some days maybe dark, little dark. then light, to lighter. If you live in Texas, you know how the storm went in. I usually love these days, but I my senses told me that I didn't like this rain. I am so fond of rain, but how could this be? I haven't figured it out lately myself. Like the flowers on my blouse, they start off bright and then fade to the dark gloomy colors.

The Outfit

I normally wear this outfit with my blue gem necklace that has sadly broken. I also wear it with my tux jacket, and a watch. But not all things turn out, so I decided to do a different way of the usual outfit. I have the ombre flower shirt I got for my birthday in January, it was from Target. The shiny black belt is from Kohl's, which I find hard to find things there. Kohl's is like a jungle, you will never know what you will find. A couple months ago my mom found some space flip flops. I normally love all the Vera Wang stuff, but I wait for it to go on sale. The purple skinny jeans are from Old Navvy. The boots are from ebay. I saw my dream catcher earrings out on my art drawer, and it didn't look that bad, so I wore them. I wore my aquarius necklace , and got it from Urban Outfitters (they still have them hurry and get your zodiac)! 

That's about it!!

I'm planning to read 2 chapters of Lord of the Flies in 2 days... it maybe hard to accomplish since the text is so small.

XOXO, Bella Luna

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